Blast from the Past

Back 10 years ago, one of my Uncles & Aunts gave me/us a GMC lathe as a wedding present. That lathe required a bench, and to cut the sleeper to length I bought a Triton saw. From there, my Triton collection quickly expanded, and resulted in me joining a Triton club, which I took on building a website, then became club president, while demonstrating the product in stores.

This all cumulated until the current situation, with Stu’s Shed being born.

Very early on with the GMC lathe, I’d try really stupid things, like turning spherical redgum balls. I came across one of my better efforts- one that was a present for my Mum, and it included a stand.

Not too bad an effort, despite the hardness of the timber, the lathe and tools, and mostly, my complete inexperience. Goes to show what can be done, even with an inexpense investment.

I am surprised how dark the timber has become!

The Hidden World of Movies

Turns out I can’t show the photos I took yesterday after all, so until the restriction is lifted (presumably after the movies come out, but will have to check), the photos for the post will have to remain hidden from view. When I have a better connection, I’ll replace them with some photos I can use.

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