The Land that Time Forgot

Apologies how quiet things have been for the past few days (if not somewhat longer), but I find myself in a (cue dramatic music) “Land that Time Forgot”. The timber outside is 20000 – 30000 years old on the timescale used by the outside world (here it is just last week’s tree, this week’s firewood (ok, so I’m joking about it being used as firewood))

There is snow on the ground (it almost qualifies as snow), and there is no broadband, no cellular data, let alone 3G, and the computer – well let’s just say it is good that I can touch type (as the letters have worn away), and connecting to the modern world is prefaced by a strange concoction of tones that sounds vaguely familiar as much as they are annoying – a handshake with the limp-wristed.

But I am not complaining, only apologising for why I am being so quiet!

Rest assured, that when I again find the magic of a high speed wireless broadband, that I am getting some good content and information to share with you!

So bear with me, check back often and hopefully in the next day or so I will be back in contact with the outside world (apparently Hobbiton has broadband!)

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