A Dado Extension

I was curious when reading through the Carbatec catalogue about the TS12R having a dado extension.  I have an older model TS10L, so thought there might be some possibility that whatever it was would work for mine as well.

Simple answer is no, but it still opens up some possibilities if I ever do want to increase the maximum dado capability of my saw. (Being a left-tilt, I need the threads running in the normal direction rather than backwards that right-hand tilt saws need)

Looking at the dado extension for the TS12R was quite revealing.

The dado extension is the middle section, with the cone one one end.  I thought the cone was some form of morse taper, and it still may be, but the actual holding mechanism seems to be the threaded ends. (Middle, and right of the cone)

The section to the right is what is mounted (and keyed) to the tablesaw, which the dado extension screws into.  Being a right-hand tilting saw, the threads are all backwards – making sure the components don’t unscrew when load is applied.  In the end of the extension there is a hole for a hex drive for assembly and removal.  I checked mine, and it has a similar looking layout. Interesting!

I’ve looked at some other table saw arbor solutions, and what becomes clear very quickly is this is one of those hidden things that justifies some of the additional expense of a quality saw.  This looks a good solution, rather than some designs and approaches.  The square thread of this saw is also good for dados, as it means there is a flat platform for the dado set to sit on, keeping the alignment accurate.

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