Soothes the throat, and clears the nose

Well perhaps not so much of the former, but definitely the latter in spades! I’m referring to turning camphor laurel. The (late) evening was spent turning a CL bowl, and the aroma permeated the shed. I had a face shield, and an air filter running, but by the end of the night, I still looked like I had seen a ghost- my hair was pure white, as were my eye brows and eye lashes. Insidious stuff that sawdust.

Things are really starting to click out there- the bowl went smoothly, and I’m gaining some good ideas on how to use each of the chisels.



This blank had some defects- a bark inclusion at one point at the upper edge, and a large knot hole right through the side, but I’m finding that I prefer to ignore they exist while turning, as I am not looking for a perfect material, but rather am using a natural product shaped as I want, and these defects become additional character for the resulting item. They remind us that this has been made from a natural product, not some homogenous piece of plastic shaped to be an item without a story, without a history.



Only problem is turning is rather addictive, and when you find you can’t stop and turn until 2am, it does absolutely nothing good for the head the next day! Paying the price now 😦 😉

3 Responses

  1. Number one reason not to buy a lathe and learn to turn… when I have finished playing with all my other toys and making all my other projects and when I retire… well then and only then… maybe…although it does look like fun…

  2. An addictive hobby

  3. So you think wood turning is addictive? Stu I have just gone and bought a metal lathe found myself in the shed freezing cold at 3.00 in the morning. boy is this fun turning metal . This is just the setting up stage for me to get everything straight and level need to deal in thousandths of an inch so quite time consuming tightening bolts up in right order to get it straight then turn a piece check for level(taper)readjust turn a piece check for level(taper) readjust turn a…….. give up go to bed start again another day

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