“Get in behind ya mongrel”

Perhaps too obscure a reference unless you used to read Footrot Flats

So what Dog is trying to say is: there is a new cattledog available, and the end of the all inclusive catalogue from Carbatec.  Instead of one annual publication, there will now be a number of issues each year, with different products featured in each, along with an amalgamation with their Focus magazine.

You can download a PDF of it here, but be aware that it is an 11MB download.

It is a significant shift Carbatec are taking – where once their printed catalogue was a record of all their products and prices (at time of printing), but by the end of the year they were potentially quite out of date.  On the other hand, the new catalogues will be more accurate with respect to price, and feature the latest additions to the range, they will no longer be an all inclusive reference, and only their website will be a reasonable representation of the range available.  At least the prices will be more accurate!  So much has happened in the last year, including the significant strengthening of the Australian dollar, that the prices in last year’s catalogue are significantly out (and are listed a lot higher) than what they now are in store.  A more regular offering will better keep up with this rather volatile market and unstable world economy.

It will be interesting to see how this new catalogue is received, in place of what has been their very popular annual version.  For those on their mailing list, these will be in mailboxes in the near future.

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