And a Rose Grows

Despite my previous opinionated judgement of The Block, one interesting thing came out of a recent episode.  My awareness of a particular custom furniture maker, and their Melbourne store: Mark Tuckey

Some amazing design concepts.  Not necessarily something I’d have in my house, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the concepts, or how they have been executed.

I wonder if some have been made on a lathe – would be a lot easier than shaping them otherwise.  However, if they were, the lathe must be a monster!

Mark Tuckey

Check out the round table/bowl to one side.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table Side

Rustic Stool

Lots of other really fascinating furniture designs on Mark’s site – definitely worth a look, and I’m quite keen to visit the store to see some of these items in person.  Love to see the workshop!

This idea of taking a bundle of logs and forming an item of furniture is rather interesting, and has been attempted elsewhere as well.  Here are some other examples I found in some web searching.  The resulting piece must weigh a tonne!

Phillips Collection Side Tables

A real log table

That last one is very cool – I love the combination of a reasonably neat matrix of larger logs, with the remaining space well filled with just the right sized thinner branches.

There is a lot of wood in a piece like this, and a LOT of weight.

5 Responses

  1. On that last table – I’ve seen plans to build a plywood box and then fit the logs to it – so the top is only an inch (2.54cm 🙂 of actual log.

    Not saying that’s how he did it, but it is a possibility.

  2. I drive past his place every second day and admired the furniture from the street. About time I pulled over and went inside now! He certainly has some beautiful and creative work (and a cool big “pick up truck” to transport things!)

  3. I love the last table, it’s inspiring me to try something myself…

    By the way my name is Stuart as well.

    Have a nice day.


  4. Can anyone recommend where I could buy similar timber to the one used in the last table? I can’t seem to find a supplier of small to medium logs.

    Thanks Sam

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