Goin’ on a Bender

Saw this new offering from Rockler, and it looks really interesting. Good price too!

Shame we don’t have a Rockler-like store down under……. 😉

It is a home steam bending unit, which provides steam for up to 2 hours to a steam box you can make from the plans provided with the unit.

Rockler Steam Bender

Love one these units, and the extra functionality you’d get from having one of these units at your disposal.  At $90 it isn’t going to particularly break the bank.

Steam Box

Very cool – wish I could source one down under!  Good for those in the US, where you have a local Rockler store!

4 Responses

  1. Looks like a standard wall paper stripper you can get from DIY stores

    • Interesting observation! I was thinking steam cleaner, but they produce steam in a very intense quantity over a short amount of time. A wallpaper stripper is a good call. I just looked, and the Wagner looks very very similar although can only steam for 80 minutes.

      Another model or brand may be able to provide sufficient amounts of steam – interested to know how the price compares.

  2. I think a wall paper stripper will work – it’s all about the volume and temp of steam. The volume can be controlled by clamping the hose if necessary, and even switching off and on with a few minutes rest between recharges – I think the critical part is really a steam proof box so you don’t waste the steam you put into it.

    This looks more like an excuse to buy more clamps – or a bag press to hold the shape of your steamed wood whilst it cools and dries.

  3. i have see people make these out of those big boilers that you see in sports halls, resturants etc (we call them burka boilers) they are 2foot round stainless drums with a big element in the bottom.
    they put a pipe into the lid and added another element (althow 1 would work too but 2 is faster to bring up to temp. . a second tank plumbed in to bring into the first to supply hot water so that the temp in the first doesnt drop

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