Homemade Thread Chaser

Thread chasing turning chisels are typically rather expensive. But if you have a metal tap and die set, making your own is not out of the question.

By taking a nut that matches your tap and die, and cutting out an opening on one side the width of the thread chaser, and a notch on the opposite side to act as a hinge point.



Some food for thought.

3 Responses

  1. Stu, did this actually work? Reason I ask is, I don’t see how the threads are indexed, meaning how do they advance? All you are cutting from what I can see are parallel grooves.

    • Hi John

      It certainly does, although you do need a bit of practice (and I have not managed to cut a decent thread yet, even with a commercial version of this thread chaser (have only tried a couple of times))

      Check out my post here which has videos of a thread chaser in use

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