A Night to Remember

Although like the other, one I’d rather forget.  Nothing particularly serious, just a constant stream of frustrations.

Started when I went to put together a wood kit, and like a jigsaw puzzle missing a single piece, this one had one piece wrong so the assembly couldn’t be completed.  So be it, move onto the next.  That one was a struggle as well, but I think I got there….sort of.

Went to glue that one up, and found both tubes of Bostik Superglue had cured inside the still unopened tubes.  Moved onto a thicker superglue (and being a gap filler was appropriate in this case).  I can now rob banks – the ends of my fingers have a solid layer of superglue across the pads.

Leaving that to cure, I moved onto a snakeskin blank – had to get something out of the evening’s activities.

Not even worth mentioning as a catch, more a vibration in the tool, and there are deep grooves cut into the pen blank.  It is almost as if the tool vibrated while in contact with the blank. Turning away to get rid of then, and the acrylic got too thin, and the substrate, being the snakeskin, decided to shear, causing the acrylic above it to shatter.

So at that point, enough is enough, and I gave away the activities for the night.

One Response

  1. Dear Stu, you should have given up when the second lot of super-glue went wrong,it always happens in threes.You would have been better spending the night with a good book!

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