A Significant Bulk – Nova DVR XP

Those who follow my occasional ramblings on Twitter would have seen a photo looking in the back of the car, as the Nova followed me home (can I keep it Ma, can I, can I?)

Once I had a chance in the evening (around 10pm as it happens), I got the unit and the legs down to the shed with a 2 wheel trolley. The box is marked heavy (yeah- no kidding- 80kg heavy!) on one end, and the other says “Heavy End”. When you are planning to move the unit with a mate, don’t take the “heavy end”, unless you are a glutton for punishment. Of course, if you happen to be on your own, and am ignoring the strong recommendation by Teknatool to have at least 2 people to move and place the unit, then the entire unit is yours alone, baby!

I took the box apart to get the unit out


Then unpacked the optional legs. Heavy, precision designed solid, cast iron legs.


With all due care, these were bolted to the bottom of the lathe. (Care primarily that I didn’t cause any real damage to myself.)


Once it was all in place, time to spin the monster up.

The lathe drips power. I’ve seen, and often turned on the Jet at 3000 RPM, but with the DVR approaching that range, its just a bit freaky. Can’t begin to imagine the 2024 hitting 5k!


Bit too late to really jump into what the lathe can do- think I am going to be learning all the aspects of it for a while. Watching it perform speed changes is rather interesting- getting it to jump from around 1000RPM to 2500RPM – extremely rapid response. At some stage I’ll put my power meter across it and see how the motor responds to the load requirements

Had to give it a quick go nevertheless. Very smooth feeling (and I’m certainly no expert turner, but you can still pick a real quality performance), and consistent speed. Nice also knowing the motor will immediately cut out if there is a catch.


Not sure how I’m going to deal with the newly dislocated tool (longbed jointer). I might look to relocate both the jointer & thicknesser to the 2nd shed. They would be near the dusty, and the wood store. Would need a stand for the drum sander, and it would then provide some space for a dropsaw/SCMS. (If I still had one. Still have my eye on the Festool Kapex)

But in the meantime, lots to experience on the current (latest baby!).

2 Responses

  1. Are you independently wealthy to afford all this new stuff?

  2. Maybe you won tatslotto and not telling anyone? After I bought mine I did no eat for a month

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