Now I’ve Done It


Pick it up from Carbatec tomorrow!

Also got the cast iron legs to go with it so it can be free standing (which is a necessity for me – nowhere else to put it!)

One of the really cool things with this lathe (and there are plenty!) is the ability rotate the head stock to get better access to what is being turned – especially bowls and the like – large diameter stuff (he he).

The motor is really interesting – it responds very rapidly to load, to maintain constant speed.  By doing so it can achieve some significant power savings – up to 50% over a lathe with a normal motor.  The constant speed is a good thing: not sure if the actual power saving is actually worth anything.  Perhaps if I was scrutinising my power bill, and especially if I was running a business with multiple machines that may have some bearing. For the rest of us, well I may be into smart green solutions, but only where they make good economic sense.

It is a direct drive – there are no gears, no pulleys or belts.  The motor runs directly within the lathe head, and is completely variable speed from 100 to 3500 RPM with 2HP driving the work.

There is a microprocessor also constantly working, monitoring.  If the lathe senses an issue, such as a tool digging in, power is cut instantly.  Guess that will happen a lot with me at the helm!

Of course, on the very day that I buy it, Teknatool go and announce a new one – the Nova DVR 2024.  Probably wouldn’t have made any difference to the choice, especially as it is not yet available, but you always find yourself then trawling for info to see just what you’ve missed out on (if at all).  Yes, the base looks like it comes as part of it (although could still easily be an option), and no real difference except the prettied cover panel.  It has a new remote start (that can be wrist mounted), however this is retrofittable to older DVR lathes.  It is also magnetic so it can connect to near where you are working (if you don’t want it body-mounted). Who knows yet what other differences there are at this stage.  Hopefully like Windows XP, the Nova XP will still remain a very popular choice for many years after its due expiry date!

Nova DVR 2024

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