A Trusted Opinion

I’m really curious, although the question is as much rhetorical as anything. I wonder, just how many people read my recent article on turning “A Simple Form” where I mentioned the Hamlet German Spindle Gouge at Carbatec, and got one for themselves? Reason I was curious that I wandered into Carbatec today and found that every German Spindle Gouge (other than the largest) was sold – that section of the turning chisels was completely bare.

Just goes to show just how much the opinion of someone we know is worth over targeted (and shotgun) advertising!

4 Responses

  1. was in the red shed today getting some spares for a chainsaw and they have had an unexplained run on electric chainsaws in the past month????

  2. My dad bought me one of those 3/4″ gouges. and he is a blind turner now. Used it on a Durden lathe with oregon / douglas fir… and black wood.

    When he was sighted he could turn hard timbers. He felt the tool at carba tec and said this is the one I want. That was 2 months ago before mentioned on this blog. He just picked the 3/4″ one and said “this is the one, I like it’s feel” albeit a bit short on the handle !

    • Can’t get more of an opinion you’d trust than that! He sounds like a great guy- you must really enjoy sharing this passion with him.

  3. Can’t afford one mate

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