With Stu’s Shed marking its 4th birthday today, I got to wondering just what the average life expectancy for a blog is?  4 years would seem to be a pretty good innings so far.

The data, as you’d expect, is very difficult to source – guess no university PhD student has decided to do a thesis on blogs as yet 😉 They are too busy getting Doctorate degrees in Snowboarding and Lap Dancing.  (Don’t worry, the links are safe to view)  The average successful blog seems to be around 2 years, the overall average seems to be around 30 days (there are a lot of blogs started with enthusiasm, very few survive).

So how Stu’s Shed has survived to date can only be credited to one primary factor – the ongoing support of its readers.  Without you visiting and reading the site day in and day out (and interacting with both the site, and those businesses that are prepared to have their products seen and commented on) this site would not have survived this long.  It all helps as part of one big symbiotic relationship.

Each year I try to provide some statistics for how the site is progressing, but the one thing I am really struggling to determine is an overall word count.  I am pretty confident it well exceeds 1,000,000 words.  The average book runs 80000 words (give or take 20000), so this blog is somewhere the equivalent to 10 – 12 novels!  I’d settle for one 🙂

1700 posts
46 pages
4100 images
118 videos

Numerous tools covered, techniques tried, timbers sampled.

1,150,000 visitors plus 120 subscribers and an unknown number of feed readers.

So onward again to year 5 – hope you continue to share in the journey!

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