I should be in business

These are always hilarious. Sad. But hilarious.

Hi Owner
My name is Kris Lancaster and i want to place an order of Shed. please i want you to get back to me with the types and sizes you have available with the prices quote as well. please i will also need your website so that i can go through and see the other product you have. thank you and don’t forget to let me know the types of credit cards you do accept for the payment.


6 Responses

  1. Sad indeed

  2. I want an order of Shed too, what flavors does it come in??

  3. You really need to check out Darrell Peart’s reply to a spammer… it made the top 10….of all time replies….

  4. The really sad part for Kris is that Stu charges through the nose for his sheds. He would be much better off ordering one from overseas to avoid the GST.

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