It ain’t over

There are books and books out there on finishing, and plenty to recommend, full of formula, techniques, products.  Sometimes it is nice to have a no bullshit approach, cutting through all the waffle and options and focus on what works for someone who we have all learned from, and whose opinions we value. Marc’s book is a focus on the basics – the things that will trip you up every time if you get them wrong, no matter how much shellac and elbow grease you’ve applied.

Marc, as you’d expect, embraces the latest in digital technology as well as traditional forms, with the book available in either (and both) a traditional form (paper with hardcover) as well as a digital form (providing both the PDF as well as an ePub version which goes straight onto the iPad/iPhone – it sits proudly on my digital bookshelf, available to read whenever and wherever I am)

And in true Wood Whispering form, you cannot simply take the content of the book as being all you have gotten with this publication- there are also dedicated links to additional video content which is part and parcel of the offering.  The book itself isn’t particularly long, but don’t discount that this also has a lot of the waffle pared away, leaving a finished book on finishing.  And at a price that you can easily grace the electronic pages of your iPad, or sit in pride of place on a shelf of your popular woodworking book offerings.

I should be in business

These are always hilarious. Sad. But hilarious.

Hi Owner
My name is Kris Lancaster and i want to place an order of Shed. please i want you to get back to me with the types and sizes you have available with the prices quote as well. please i will also need your website so that i can go through and see the other product you have. thank you and don’t forget to let me know the types of credit cards you do accept for the payment.


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