Whispering Timbers

More often than not, probably 9 times out of 10, when I head out to the shed, I have no pre-conceived ideas of what I am going to do out there. Some times I may be doing a bit of clean up, some times a re-organisation,  some times nothing more than a beer, listening to some music or watching an episode of “The Wire”, and some times, occasionally, some woodworking!

Even when I discover that I will be woodworking, I still then listen to the timbers to find out what I am going to do.  Today was no different.  I found myself picking up a square of, well I still am no good at working out the different timber types, and mounting it on the lathe.  The timber whispered, and it was to be a square bowl, with a scooped out round section from the middle.

To start, a mounting ring was screwed to one side, which mounts in the jaws of my Nova chuck.  Once finished shaping the base of the bowl and cutting a recess for the jaws, the bowl is reversed, remounted, and the ring removed.

I didn’t take any more progress photos after this one – combination of getting too absorbed in what I was doing, and no idea if there would be a result anyway!

However, a result there was, and so to the Roving Reporter, I see your salad bowl, and I raise you:

The finish was achieved first with the Ubeaut Rotary Sander from Carbatec, then Ubeaut EEE followed by Shellawax.  I tried some of the Ubeaut Glow, but on this timber it was hard to pick the difference between the Shellawax and the Glow finish.  Both looked good!

All these finishes are available from Carbatec, and Carrolls, and a number of resellers overseas (the products are now exported to the USA and Canada, not sure about the UK but wouldn’t be surprised!)

I got the base pretty thin in the end, perhaps a little thinner than I was expecting!  In a dark room, you can actually see torchlight through it!

I’m rather pleased with the result.  I’m sure it is still pretty amateurish, but then I still have a long way to go on the woodworking journey.  I still like it!

Guess the timber was talking today 🙂


After watching the experts (on DVD) demonstrate turning, making it look so easy, it is always rather confusing when you try yourself and it turns out significantly harder.


Took a lump of firewood (still green), trimmed it down on the bandsaw, then mounted it on the lathe.

The Nova has a mounting plate that can be screwed directly onto a blank, so it can be solidly mounted directly to the G3 jaws. You then cut or turn a hollow out of the base, and the mount the blank to the lathe.

Tried a bit of hollowing, got some result, but not any real feeling I knew what I was actually doing.


Did get to try out the Ubeaut rotary sander however, and very effective it is too. No need to power this sander, the turning workpiece turns the sander as well, anywhere from effectively 0 RPM, up to around 9000 RPM in either direction, all dependent on the angle it is presented to the workpiece.


Given how easy it is to have the sander running in either direction, it means the abrasive gets additonal life, and with the particular design, it is very difficult to get it to clog


So much more effective than trying to hand sand (and a lot less painful (occasional heat burns)), and produces a better, non linear sanding pattern. Now I just need to be able to turn better, so I can get some real quality results when using this sander.

Guess I need a bit of tuition, or at least observe first hand just how to hollow out a form.

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