and Everything in its Place

At the Total Tools sale, I picked up this kit of driver bits, as it seemed to be a much better solution than my current practice of turfing the tips into a drawer, then having to sort through it each time I needed a different one!


Seemed a bit silly that the drill bits didn’t have a driver-end – over time I’ll probably replace them with drill bits that do.


I’m not sure how they will hold up when I use the Rockwell Impact driver- my current bits haven’t fared too well (not unexpectedly), so at least there are repeats of each size in this kit, and if I ever run out of a particular size, I’ll replace it with the impact-resistant version.


3 Responses

  1. you mustn’t have seen the milwaukee impact driver set that they also had on sale

  2. Actually I did, but wasn’t convinced one way or the other. Thought I’d get this kit, then if the bits get to a stage where they need replacing, get ones with hardened tips. Possibly did myself a disservice – time will tell.

  3. It is nice to have all your bits kept organized, but I still find a way to lose them somehow. I did see the Milwaukee impact driver set, buddy of mine grabbed it, and we used it last week on my Jon boat project. Nice driver.

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