Log Cabins

Looking at the bleak offerings of timber in some countries, it is surprising to see what some others have in their backyard, and their front for that matter.

And from that expanse of resource, even the homes are hewn directly from the raw stock.

How these massive trunks are cleaned, and shaped, so much by hand leads to a supply industry that may be commonplace for those that live there, but quite a fascinating industry for those who are not normally exposed to it.  A woodworking store specialising in log house building tools, including essential equipment, such as snowshoes!

Log handling tools, chisels, augers, log scribing tools, hewing axes, double ended chainsaw bars, slabbing sets etc.

Have a look around this website – it is fascinating to see the sort of tool range available, and the techniques and methods used for this sort of large-scale woodworking construction.  Also too, how they deal with using green timber, settling logs.

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