Enz of an Era

History Never Repeats

History never repeats,
I tell myself before I go to t'meet.
Don't say the words you might regret,
I lost before, you know I can't forget.

There was a club I used to know,
It was dealt a savage blow,
The Triton club you cannot see,
But anyway that's history.

History never repeats,
I tell myself before I go to t'meet.
It's time for the final regret,
The club is gone you can't forget.

It's time for that final string,
To be severed and that's the thing,
Better to jump than hesitate,
You need to change and can't delay.

History never repeats,
The URL will be gone soon,
And if you don't change you will find,
A deathly silence in its wake.

It is the end of an era.  When I joined the Triton Woodworkers club, Holmesglen, I quickly took on the role to create and maintain a website for them – the previous one was only a static advert page, and instead I created and grew a new site that ended up the largest Triton website in the world, dwarfing even the company’s own one.  It carried articles, plans, a small amount of video (this was really prior to Web 2.0) and reference materials all based around Triton, and the club.

When the club finally ended, that website was also taken down and what content was useful to extract was ported across to this one.  There is still stuff on there that may be worth having referenced on here, compatibility tables etc – things that have since been lost when Triton themselves were bought by GMC then taken down when that company bombed.  I still have the website in all its glory stored locally on one of my machines.

The URL http://www.tritonwoodworkers.org.au was maintained even since then, and redirected to Stu’s Shed, and still gets some traffic.

However, it is the end of an era.  In the next few days, the subscription for the URL http://www.tritonwoodworkers.org.au will lapse, and it will cease to exist.  So if you still use that URL to access this website, you will need to start using the current addresses, rather than that historic one.

Either of:



Will still deliver all the content, video, articles and reviews you always expect!  Over 120 videos, and 1 million words across 1600 articles and 50 static pages 🙂

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