Holding Pattern

Some musings, completely unrelated to woodworking, so read no further if not interested!

Have been thinking a lot recently about the job, about past lives (no, not the Charlie Brown (aka wishy washy) “I’ve had past lives” crap, but previous career paths etc), and a thought dawned on me this morning that the role I am doing now has a lot of similarities to where I was at about 14 years ago.  There are some differences – I earn more now, I have a lot less disposable income (family, home etc), I know whether I am free in 3 weekends time to arrange something non work related, I’m not up in the middle of the night for hours of sleep depriving battlestations (or wait, perhaps I am- parenting and sleep deprivation go hand-in-hand!).

My role these days does have similarities to the AMEO/DMEO (Deputy Marine Engineer Officer), and Officer of the Day (OOD) all rolled into one.  I have keys to all parts of the building, like the OOD, I deal with maintenance, damage control, scheduling work etc etc.  It’s like in the last decade I have come full circle, and found myself where I started. Not sure if that is a comforting thought or not – perhaps I am back on track with a lost 14 years in the middle, or that it is just life, and by going through doors, sometimes one finds themselves in a parallel room, looking through a window to where one once stood.

Went rummaging last night and found my naval qualification certificates and commissioning parchment – some to be added in frames around the souvenir / memory board I’m creating.  Lots of photos too – been thinking of finding them a cloudy home (a blog of sorts), with various anecdotes as I recall them. Not all PC, as you’d expect!

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At least I get to do more woodworking these days, and have a patch of the planet that is my own, with a shed firmly planted there!


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