Face Shield Adjustment

As much as I find the Purelite powered respirator very convenient, I don’t always want the full weight of a helmet, and the sound of the air filtration when I only want a face shield. So that lead to me buying one of these (from Carbatec – costs about $39)


When I first put it on, I found that when the head banding was properly fitted, the face shield itself stuck out too far, to the point that I didn’t feel it was fully shielding the lower part of my face.

There were no instructions on if there were any adjustments, so I deconstructed the shield and worked out the were a couple of plastic pieces behind the face shield screws that control face plate angle.


Once I played with them, I found they controlled the face shield angle through quite a decent range, and was able to find a setting that suited me.

So this is really to bring to your attention, that if you have one of these face shields (or similar), and you were wondering why it wasn’t fitting as well as you’d hope, there is this adjustment available.


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