Where did all the businesses go?

Reports out of the Wood Show in Brisbane last weekend speak of a significant drop in local business involvement, with many regulars missing. Wonder where did they all go? Were they affected by the recent floods? The strong Australian dollar? The cost of show attendance? The online economy? The GFC?

Is it that Australians are not supporting local business enough, so it is drying up and blowing offshore as happened with the manufacturing industry?

It is hard to have the discussion without seeming both self-righteous, and hypocritical at the same time. We all love a bargain, but is buying tonnes of Chinese product the way to get it? It often is very cheap (in more ways than one), but we are now paying back the price difference at the petrol pump, and as the Chinese manufactuing market increases, so does the price. But is hard not to be tempted as an individual for a bargain when the consequences only result from millions doing the same.

It is like water savings: what difference to the content of a massive water reservoir if I have an extra minute shower? Multiply that by entire populations, and the difference cannot be ignored. But changing the habits of an individual for the collective good is a very difficult task indeed.

As direct purchasing from overseas increases (especially on the back of a strong dollar), so the local retailers take a hit, and things like show attendance drops.

Support, service and business is a two way street.

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