Better Homes and Gardens

I don’t normally watch the show, but wanted to see the segment with The Amazing Race, and the Carbatec workbench.

Looked good on screen- shame they deliberately filmed so the Carbatec brand on the drawer wouldn’t be seen (apparently would upset other show sponsors- sad world we live in now).

Their one doesn’t have a Veritas though! And the Amazing Racers don’t know how to use a bench vice and dogs, either that or the models were encouraged to climb up and kneel on the board being cut or something.

Watched the article on the fort made from reclaimed timbers too. It looked good, but was a bit concerned there wasn’t any warning about using old pallets for timber for the walls for kids’ toys- a clean pallet is an excellent source of cheap timbers, and I always enjoy the furniture comps where they have to make something from an old pallet. However, making sure it is not a pallet that was used to transport toxic chemicals would be well advised. I wouldn’t trust industry to ensure that every pallet that had a dangerous chemical spilt onto it was disposed of correctly.

Just something to keep in mind.

Videos from the episode can be seen on the Better Homes & Garden website.

The Amazing Race DIY Challenge Part 1
The Amazing Race DIY Challenge Part 2

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