Ain’t no thang

It’s pretty late, but I had to push out to the shed to make progress on the workbench, and managed to get it finished, right-side up, and in location.

More details tomorrow when I have a chance to play with the photos, but the bench is in position, the vices are fixed in place, and she’s ready to play.

If it wasn’t for my alterations, the build would have been a walk in the park, and even though I made it somewhat more complicated, it was still a pretty straightforward evolution.

And on one point- bench stability, it is surprisingly more solid than I was expecting, or had experienced with the shop model. Not sure why, other than to say “guys, you have to bolt things up tight!”

There is some limited movement,but much of that can be put down to the loose adjustable feet at the bottom, and there ways around that which I will address in the next article.

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