Had a late-night visit out to the shed to continue progressing the Veritas vice install, and while working through the steps, decided that the thing I get out of the shed more than anything is not so much the creation, but the problem solving.  Working out how to dovetail, how to fit a vice, getting the best out of a machine, working out the most effective shed layout.  Not to say this is to the exclusion of any other justification.

The assembly manual (pdf) for the Veritas is pretty ordinary.  Way to many words, not enough simple step by step for what is turning out to be a pretty easy install. Seem to have spent more time trying to interpret the manual than simply doing the necessary steps.

It will be interesting to see if by installing it more based on first principles than on step by step manual following will conclude with a successful result.

The Veritas is a bit of a work of art, as is most people’s workbenches in one way or another.  For a woodworker, having a mechanically impressive vice, coupled with aesthetically pleasing jaws produces the desired result.  In this case, the jaws are being made from New Guinean Rosewood.
It’ll be good just seeing this workbench up the right way and on its feet.

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