Workbench Build

Got the workbench home and began the unpack.  Heavy thing – around 75kg in 2 boxes.  Placed the top onto the tablesaw (convenient flat surface) to begin the assembly.

Underneath the top, some recessed areas for the legs to be fitted, and interestingly, three partial depth saw kerfs running most of the length of the table.  Not sure why they are there – must have something to do with stabilising the top / preventing warping, but I haven’t heard of the technique before, or whether it is successful.

Holes are predrilled, including those for the wood vices.  Because of the location of the vices to the legs, even those have holes drilled through them so the vice thread can pass through the leg.

The metal legs are in two parts, allowing the adjustment.  They also have large feet that screw into the bottom of the legs, allowing the unit to be stabilised, even on an uneven floor.  There is a heavy gauge shelf that screws partway down the legs, that locks the legs together.

It is at this point that it is easiest to fit the vices to the bench, and in particular to work out how to fit the Veritas Twin Screw vice.  The distance between centres for the Veritas is 430mm.  The distance between centres of the legs of the workbench is, completely coincidentally, 430mm.  Almost like the vice was designed for this workbench.  I’ll have to drill a couple of holes through the legs for the screws to pass, but that will work, and the screw of the Veritas will pass below that of the vice that comes with the bench, so both can cohabit in close proximity.

I will have to add an additional face to the side of the bench – prefer something more substantial to be the rear face for the Veritas, and of course a front face as well.

I haven’t decided what to do with the second vice that came with the bench.  It is meant to go on the opposite end to where I am fitting the Veritas, but as this end is going to be against the wall, it doesn’t make as much sense.  Instead I will probably fit it n the same side as the other bench vice, so long items can be clamped up in both vices at the same time.

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