Another day, another sale

Carbatec are again having a bit of a sale this weekend (Thursday to Saturday), to coincide with their new Focus magazine.

One of the things that caught my eye was their new workbench. It is a lot cheaper than their $1200 and $1600 versions, at $689, down from $799.


It may not appeal to workbench purists, not being a wooden base for one, and not being made by the owner from scratch, but there are some mitigating justifications. It is height adjustable, it is a lot cheaper than a commercially available one that is all wood, and you can get it and have it in place in a couple of hours (or less, depending on your assembly skills), rather than the years of procrastination that has held me up from having a traditional workbench in my workshop.

It is going to be seen in an upcoming show of “Better Homes & Gardens” or similar TV thing, and in Stu’s Shed this weekend.

Yes, I’m going to put one in my workshop. I just don’t have time to get into making one any time soon, and this will give me some additional working area for the accumulation of mess, works in progress etc, and importantly, will mean I can further resist using the tablesaw and the Torque Workcentre for this, where I find I have to move all this accumulation every time I actually want to use the machine.

This doesn’t mean the Walko becomes obsolete at all- it can go back to being a universal platform that can be orientated to the task at hand, and to the location it is needed (and further justification why I wanted the smaller unit). And again, because of the working space of the new bench, the Walko can be kept free of clutter.

Back to the workbench, and I will be modifying it pretty much immediately. Easy for me to justify, because I will finally have somewhere to mount this puppy!


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