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“All the news that is fit to print”

“The King is dead, long live the King”: The Australian dovetail jig king, Roger Gifkins has hung up his router bits and found a buyer for Gifkins Dovetail.  As sad as that is, the jig will continue, which is great news, and even better, it is remaining in Australia.  Not sure what Roger has planned, but whatever it is, I’m sure it is going to be more restful than show after show, year after year.

Dollar parity (and beyond) may be hard for Australian exporters and the tourist industry, but it is not all bad.  Imported product prices can drop (except petrol and iTunes it seems).  Professional Woodworkers Supplies have gone right through their product range (600 items?) and prices have been dropped around 12% across the board.

The mega Carbatec catalogue has seen its last printing, so for nostalgia’s sake if nothing else, grab a final copy for posterity.  There will be a new catalogue out around August (at least in time for the Melbourne Wood Show), which will include many items, and seasonal specials.  A catalogue will come out more often, but will be smaller than the current comprehensive one.  That is more in line with what other companies such as Rockler do and it works well for them, and their customers being able to offer items on special, and prices that are more current.

The recent Queensland floods have claimed another business, with it being the final straw for Northwood Tool Company deciding not to stage a comeback from the floods and instead have sold.  It will probably take some time for the new owners to reopen the doors, but expect a completely different company (other than the name).

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