The Poor Cousin

Found a book in the Amazon Kindle Book store that I wanted to have on my iPad, to get to read whenever, wherever I am.


A Cabinetmaker’s Notebook by James Krenov.

But, once again, it feels like Australia is the poor cousin of the USA, because we can’t buy the ebook down under – apparently it violates the copyright. Never mind that I can buy it in hardcopy.

Bloody annoying how hard it can be to get things down under sometimes. Whether it be an ebook, or the “LegUp”, or Forrest “Woodworker ][” saw blades or any number of other tools, machines etc. The world has gotten so much smaller with the Internet, and yet, this is often offset by small-minded people creating unnecessary restrictions.

6 Responses

  1. I agree 100% – I love buying from Amazon as the shipping is cheap as chips but why do they only ship certain lines…..makes no sense….I really wanted the forrest Woodworker II after reading reviews but alas, no one ships it 😦

    • We’ve even contacted Forrest directly (via Professional Woodworkers Supplies), and they (Forrest) have said they are not interested in selling their blades down under.

  2. We get stuff all of the good stuff down here, just have a look at the range that Bosch or Makita have for sale overseas that will never see the light of day here!

    I too have found myself wanting to buy tools and accessories from Amazon only to be told that they do not send to Australia, even though there is no current distributor down here to upset with cheaper prices. I usually just get stuff sent to a friends house and she then forwards it on to me, or wait until my sister does her 6 monthly trip to the states and give her a shopping list. But for those that don’t have those options available, we are very limited in the market down under 😦

    Unfortunately most manufactures don’t want to deal with us as our market is so small, I think they seem to be forgetting that their population is 15x that of ours. I had a good chat with Graham form PWS about this issue and he told me that certain companies don’t want to deal with him anymore due to not meeting minimum orders for export!

    Perhaps Australia needs to start manufacturing some decent stuff here?

  3. shipitto or priceusa for anything people wont ship πŸ™‚

    With the kindle book, i believe there is a way of getting a US account so you can access the bigger library

  4. Try setting up a USA VPN account (Virtual Private Network). There are free providers and perfect for accessing downloads normally restricted to USA/Canada. VPN’s are no help at all if you want tools delivered though.
    Google it if you want more info.

  5. Problem is, I can get it illegally if I wanted. I don’t see why I should have to breach copyright to obtain it.

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