A Stitch in Time

Could have been avoided altogether if I had just used these on Saturday:

After Dennis confirmed that gloves can be used safely with chainsaws (and at least with chainsaw maintenance), I went down to the (new) Total Tools in Carrum Downs to buy some gloves.

There was quite a range.

That store is going to become quite a popular haunt for me – a good range of quality tools, not 100 different tools under $15.  One set I want to get some time soon was right on their shelf, and in different varieties to choose from – tap & die set. Seemingly strange for woodworking, but in a shed they are invaluable for jig making among other jobs.

Back to the gloves: the black pair (welding gloves), good, heavy, protecting.  $4.

The white pair (operator’s gloves, also known as riggers gloves), light, flexible, tough, on special for $2.95

The ear plugs I bought specifically for use with the new powered respirator, for jobs where I am needing the exceptional protection of the powered respirator and hearing protection at the same time. $9.95

Goes to show – safety doesn’t have to be expensive.  $2.95 would have saved me a lot of aggravation.  Some simple stitching of a rigger’s glove would have saved me the rather more intimate stitching otherwise experienced.

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