First Cuts

Other than the unfortunate premature end to the day’s activities, I did get to give the new Husqvarna 321 a bit of a tryout.  Very nice, very sharp.  It has a very soft start, so when you pull the trigger it takes a while to respond (I’m sure less than a second, but seems longer).  I did some crosscuts and rips and it handled both easily.  The blade is a skip-tooth design, so has no problem with ripping it seems.

These cuts were all freehand, and got close to maximum capacity on one rip cut – still fine, had to slow down the cut a bit, but got nowhere near stalling.

It is definitely interesting having an electric chainsaw – it is ready to go when you want it.  No need to keep the motor running (let alone getting the motor started).  Much quieter, no fumes. But that first point is a biggie – when using a petrol chainsaw, I’d typically set up to do a number of cuts at the same time, and would think twice about starting the saw for a one-off slice.  Whereas, with an electric, you can pick it up, do a cut, put it down for an extended period before using it again.  It completely changes your attitude to and opinion of chainsaws.  They can be a convenient woodshop tool, and not just something for cutting up firewood.

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