Vinyl Unwrap

A (fair) few years ago, I made a cupboard for the kitchen, and to do the job right, commissioned vinyl wrapped drawer fronts and cupboard doors (and they were not particularly cheap).  I’ve discovered recently that despite the cost outlay, and getting them commercially made (by Schiffer Manufacturing, which no longer seems to exist except in outdated web pages) that it still ended up a disappointment, as the vinyl is falling off every one of the doors and drawers.

Edges lifting, panels warping, delaminating

Entire vinyl coatings flapping in the breeze.

I’m going to have to work out how to fix it – will probably remove the vinyl from each panel, apply glue and clamp it up.  That might be with traditional clamps, but may also be with a vacuum press method (to get a vacuum press large enough, I have heard of space bags being used).

Last thing I wanted to have to deal with.  Fixing someone else’s screwup – especially when I’ve paid for better.

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