Hand Tool Event

Got along to the Hand Tool Event at the Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking for a quick look around.  Like a couple of stands dislocated from a woodshow, there was Chris Vesper with a selection of his quality hand-crafted tools, including some made with some pretty special timbers from Tassie, and the Lie Nielsen Toolworks selection of planes.

I was hoping for more demonstrations, but perhaps I missed them. Oh well, I got to have a look around the Guild’s workshop, and found a nice park for lunch (even if I was accused of being stingy for not buying a sausage from the Guild!)

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No prices on anything which is a bit frustrating, but I guess it was an “Event”, not a “Sale”. I was hoping for more of a chance to ‘try before buy’.

Was interested seeing a set of what looked like hand tools for making hand planes.  Would’ve been cool to see how they are used. Or a dovetail demo. Or something.  There was a mobile mill outside, and I did get to see it cutting a couple of passes – (will put the photos/video in another article).

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