The GluBot is another of those products from FastCap, and sold in Australia through Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  I have one of the large bottles, which fits the contents of a 500ml glue bottle (I filled one from a Triton Yellow PVA bottle).

The bottle has a wide base, and a large lid for filling.  The glue comes from the bottom of the bottle, rather than the top as the advertising claims (although that isn’t strictly true given the glue actually comes from the narrow tube to the side). The bottle design also means that once finished gluing, the bottle vacuums back the glue to keep the tip clear.

The bottle comes with some fittings – a slot nozzle (blade), a mini nozzle (yorker), lid, and the GluBot guide.

To the left is the contents of the spares kit – comes with a number of blade and yorker nozzles, some extra caps and spare lids.

The guide makes it easy to run a bead of glue down the middle of the board.  Of course you’d want the glue spread over more of the width than this, but squeezeout would do a significant amount of this if you want to rely on that, or it gives a good starting point to spread from (such as with a roller, brush or card), and still not have places where the glue squeezes out unevenly.

By immersing the guide in hot water you can easily change the width of the opening (particularly useful for rather narrow boards)

Also from Professional Woodworkers Supplies comes the discardable glue brushes – good for the job, cheap enough to throw in the bin when too glued up to work.

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