Got along to the WoodFest at the Woodworking Warehouse and had a bit of a look around – quite a lot of new products to look at which is always interesting, particularly those from Woodpeckers in the USA on the Professional Woodworkers Supplies stand.

On display are the Wood River planes, a new style of sharpening stone (that uses a replaceable abrasive) from Woodpeckers, as well as the Woodpeckers One-Time tools.

Rule clamps to provide a stop for repeatable measurements ( and a larger one to fit the Woodpeckers Red Rules)  Simple devices that make good sense, and well engineered to boot.

The Cross-Dowel Drill Jig….

And a new style of double helix brad point that has good chip clearance, and provides a good reference surface for use with a jig (such as the cross-dowel drill jig). (More on that in a future article).

I don’t know specifically what you’d use an ultrasonic cleaning machine for, but I imagine it is great for rejuvenating tools, cleaning router bits and saw blades etc.  Only problem is the price, and although the smaller still looks like it has a good capacity, once you take the lid off, less than half the depth is actually useable.  Still, it’d be very interesting to see how functional they are. (There wasn’t a demo of them on the day).

And lots of really interesting looking timbers.  I came away with a couple of lengths of African Rosewood (a very orange/red wood with a strikingly contrasted white sapwood).  Hope to make some dovetail boxes with it.

There were plenty of other things (not shown), such as the upgraded Woodpecker Story Stick, an Hitachi 12″ SMCS for $900 (new), and the obligatory sausage sizzle.

On again tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am to 3pm

2 Responses

  1. stu you didnt mention the best bargain there. the TWC over a $1000 off the list price

  2. That pile of timber looks like a great selection! What shop is all that from if I wanted to purchase some?

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