Drill Press Table Reconfigured

As I mentioned recently, I’ve taken the drill press back to an earlier configuration – before I had a drawer under the Pro Table (from Professional Woodworkers Supplies).  As useful as having a drawer unit there was very convenient, it made the table too heavy for repositioning.

So off it came, and the Pro top is again attached directly to the drill press table via 2 tracks fixed underneath.

On the right side, there is a new addition – a bracket with a block of wood (Huon Pine) that is supporting the new height-winding wheel and shaft I’ve added.

I chose Huon Pine for the block because its would be naturally lubricating to a degree.  It is to support the long shaft, and the wheel is to make changing height much easier.  I need to do more on making it operate smoother.  It is currently functional, but could be working better.

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