Cleaning up

Decided I really needed to tackle some yard work, particularly to sort out the ever-increasing pile of hard rubbish.  The main rubbish tip in Frankston used to be very well organised, processing and sorting through tonnes of rubbish daily.  Calling it a tip was misleading – it was a sorting station, rather than just a bare patch of earth where all and sundry got pushed out the back of the trailer.

However, it was in the path of a long-planned motorway, so had to be closed down.  What replaced it was a privately run tip.  A bare block of land where you threw whatever away – no sorting, not even a decent road in (amazed me to get out of the place without four flats, plus two on the trailer).  Except polystyrene.  For some reason.

But now that tip has been closed as well for permit breaches, which sounds like a good thing, but means there is now nowhere local to get rid of the growing pile.  Contacting the council, and they have arranged that you can book in a hard rubbish collection from your property, for 2 cubic meters for $50.  However, as ideal as that sounds, they have also crippled that.  Where you used to be able to put hard rubbish on the nature strip for collection, Frankston for some reason (probably as a deterrent for kerb burglars) has decided you much have the rubbish pile inside your fenceline, within 5 meters of the front boundary.

If you don’t have a front yard, and have an actual garden instead (as I do), where do I put the rubbish pile? I asked the council this, and their response was “how friendly are you with your neighbours?”  Um, yeah, sure. “Gidday neighbour – would you mind if I pile 2 cubic metres of my crap in your front yard?”  Never mind that my neighbours don’t have front yards either (long term droughts tend to change gardening practices).

I’ll sort it out, one way or another.  In the meantime, the Jumbobag proved to be an excellent boon to store the rubbish while I gathered it all together (and work out how to squash it all into the thifty 120l bin that Frankston supplies)!

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