iPad Trial

WordPress have released a theme for their blogs specifically for iPads. I have turned the theme on temporarily to form (and get others opinions), so if you own one of these devices, let me know what you think.


Keeping it Real

Lee Valley / Veritas is a company that produces some pretty innovative products – well thought out, designed, manufactured.

And every year for the past 8 years, on a certain day of the year, they have poured all that creativity into producing a product that looks as good as all the others, and as desirable, and yet is a joke.  An April Fools Day one.

And yet, even knowing some of these are meant as a joke, you can still find yourself wanting one! One was so popular as an idea, it has actually become a real (limited run) product!  A blank tape measure may have been meant as a joke, but the idea is fundamentally a good one.


Variable Gang (Dovetail) Saw

Full Round Spokeshave

Honing Guide Mk XXXXII

Pouchless (Magnetic) Toolbelt


Low Angle (Superblade) Jack Plane


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