Too Cool for Festool

There is a supposed Festool product out there, that seems to be a Festool promotional item: A Contractor’s first aid kit M0119 for $US89

It looks cool, particularly practical if you tend to do a lot of work onsite, where this systainer can sit on top of the Festool vac until needed.  However, I have yet to find any reference to it from a source that can actually supply it (or Festool themselves).

If it does exist (and I’m assuming it does), I wonder if

a. Has it made it down under?

b. Is it still available?

c. Can I get one?

d. How much?

Qty. Description
100 1” x 3” Adhesive plastic bandages
3 Knuckle fabric bandages
3 Fingertip fabric bandages, large
1 2” Conforming gauze roll bandage
1 40” Triangular sling/bandage, with 2 safety pins
6 3” x 3” Gauze dressing pads
1 5” x 9” Trauma pad
40 Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)
1 First aid/burn cream pack, 0.9 g
1 4”x5” Instant cold compress
1 1/2” x 10 yd. First aid tape roll
1 4-1/2” Scissors, nickel plated
1 4” Tweezers, plastic, one time use
4 Exam quality gloves, 2 pairs
1 4 fl oz squeezable bottle with eye wash solution
1 First Aid Guide
1 Festool SYS 1 Systainer with red latches

2 Responses

  1. contact bob marino in the us. or look it up on the festool owners group

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