Discounted Rockler International Postage!

Rockler have just informed us that as a gesture of goodwill, they are going to waive their standard shipping and handling charges for international purchases!

You still need to pay the international portion (so the Bench Cookie Cones will cost $3.12 to post to Australia via 1st class post).

Use the promotion code V1956, which will only remain active for a couple of weeks, so if you were considering making a purchase, this is a good time. Of course you are not limited to Bench Cookie Cones!

Thanks Scott, and Rockler – I’m sure it is appreciated.

15 Responses

  1. I’ll put my order in when I get home.
    I got the cookies last year when a friend visited the states (8 and the holder). Be careful of the check out, they have an impulse buy page just before you leave (I ended up getting 2 more items).

  2. And when I click continue it changes the shipping rate from US$3.12 to US$10.76…. I think I will give it a miss… I will stick to the companies I have already dealt with…thanks everyone…

  3. Good work Stu …… After two trips to the USA I now have eight cookies and the wall holder but I don’t think I need the cones!

    Rockler have some very good products and getting to poke around the store was an amazing experience (almost like your first woodworking show). We just need to convince them to open up a store in Australia ……. are you interested in a franchise Stu?

    • After seeing what Rockler was doing in a city no bigger than Melbourne, with competition the likes of Woodcraft, I had a very similar thought!

  4. I was fortunate enough to get to a Woodcraft store also and it was very similar to Carbatec here.

    Rockler seemed to be more like an old fashion hardware store with plenty of cool little items perfect for jigs and the like.

    Obviously each store will be different but I am sure that they would do very well here as they offer a wide range of products especially useful for the woodworker who has already purchased many of the big machines and is now looking for small “toys”.

    If you want to open the Melbourne headquarters I can control distribution in SA! đŸ™‚

  5. i work at carbatec adelaide and one of the things i thing we lack selling is finishes. im gonna do my best to correct that issue, anything else you guys dont like

  6. Hi Stu,
    This is very timely, I ordered some CDs from Woodworkers Journal and they arrived from Rockler yesterday along with their latest catalogue. This is going to make thing even more tempting.
    I got a branding iron end of 2009.

  7. Just give them a day or so to iron out that glitch in ordering – I’ve sent them screen shots of the problem, so hopefully we will have a resolution soon.

    I’ve been cruising through the Rockler online site myself, just in case there was anything else I was interested in!

    • Sorry for the delay – I was out in meetings today (plus, we just got 8 inches of heavy, wet snow today. Typical Minnesota Spring day…)

      I was able to duplicate the shipping bug and have forwarded the details to our developers. I apologize that we had not caught that before! I’ll post back when they get it fixed. We rely on some rather persnickety interfaces with the US Postal Service and UPS to determine shipping rates. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to figure this out.


    • Good news and bad news…

      Good news: we fixed the software bug this morning so the quote and the final page amounts are the same.

      Bad news: the correct price was the higher amount of the two. Looks like it was giving us domestic U.S. amounts on the first screen.

      It is still one of our goals to find better alternatives to get our products shipped more inexpensively to other countries, but in the meantime, I’m afraid this is the best we can do.

      Happy Woodworking!

      Scott Ekman

      • I suggest you ask…. Amazon and ToolKing…Just a thought…Their shipping options seem almost reasonable…or all most reasonable…

        • Better still support local suppliers.
          Request Carba-tec to stock required items.

          • I’d love it if Carbatec had the product range of Rockler. However even if you added up all the product lines of all woodworking companies in Australia, I would put money on the likelihood that there would still be useful products otherwise unavailable down under, leaving no other option than to import directly from overseas.

            No company is going to start importing a product range simply because a single customer wants it, and although it would be an interesting proposition for someone like Carbatec to say “if you find it worldwide, we will source it for you”, but I would also put money on it that it will not happen, certainly not to the financial benefit of the consumer!

            I’m all for supporting the local supplier in the first instance, but if there is something I want that isn’t available locally, I don’t see any issue in going overseas for it, and then pushing those overseas companies to provide a cost effective way of delivering those items.

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