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Was just about to have a look at Rockler’s website to see about a branding iron, and saw on their front page some more developments they have been doing with the bench cookie.

Now, there is a fitting that turns the Bench Cookie (including other-branded ones such as Bench Dog) into a painter’s/finisher’s triangle.

And a whole $5 or so (US or AU $$s these days 🙂 )

Then there is the Tupperware-looking brush cleaning and storage container, for $8

And finally, one that has been around for a bit longer, but still looks like a good idea, the blade and router bit cleaning kit.

Such a range of things to look at – almost forgot why I visited the site in the first place!

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  1. And only a coupla hundred for shipping.

    • I actually checked it out… and this is why I don’t buy from ROCKLER… total cost … for the painter’s finish triangle [US$4.99] shipped to ME….. wait for it… US$40.69

      • Yeah, I’ve given up trying to solve this problem for Australia – Rockler have never taken non-US purchasers important enough to cater for with reasonable shipping.

        However, I still mention some of their stuff on this site (occasionally), because there are as many US readers of Stu’s Shed as there are Australian, so where a lot of this site specifically caters for Aussie readers, I haven’t forgotten that it is an international website too.

        • This why I commented… you do have an international following and maybe SOME of the companies who do follow you may see that Australia is a viable market and as such, cater to us with reasonable shipping costs…??

  2. Hi Larry,

    I work for Rockler and would like to get this shipping issue fixed. I agree the numbers you are seeing are outrageous.

    When I put an address to ship to Sydney, I am seeing much lower rates than what you mentioned in your post. Would you mind sharing what city you are from so I can try it again with something closer to your address?


    Scott Ekman
    VP Marketing
    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

    • I have sent a reply direct to Rockler…

    • Hi Scott,

      We really appreciate you delving into this. Sorry if my email to Chris was a bit blunt, but I’m glad we have now gotten some serious attention bought to the issue. You could use my latest order as a test case- I certainly wouldn’t object to the postage price for that small item being bought down from $US43! A comparable order that I made at the same time to another US company, using the same delivery service (USPS Priority) came back as $13.25.

      Some of the points raised, for the benefit of readers wondering what was sent to Rockler:

      “The cost of shipping from Rockler has long been a serious bone of contention for Australian woodworkers, and Rockler have missed out on unmeasurable numbers of sales because of it (an item of common discussion on the forums). I have raised this with Rockler on other occasions, particularly with my dealings with Kim Adams before she left.

      We understand postage isn’t going to be free, but expect it to be fair, and comparable to other companies we source goods from.

      It would be good for the large, very active Australian woodworking community being able to justify purchasing Rockler’s unique products – items we simply cannot source elsewhere, without shipping killing the sales.”

      We look forward seeing the results of your investigations, and hopefully getting postage pricing that reflects what it should cost to ship items across.

      To be clear, this is not being done to encourage parallel importing, or to undermine local retailers. There are products that Rockler sells that cannot be sourced elsewhere that I can find, so when we do order these items from Rockler, we want to pay a shipping price that reflects the real cost.

  3. hi stu.
    im from ireland
    i checked rockler there now.
    i put 400 dollars on my account. the shipping would be 640 dollars. this is a joke

  4. Interestingly, I have checked both Larry’s and Scott’s findings, and if you are prepared to accept a slow delivery time on the Bench Cookie Painters Triangles, you could land a set in Australia for $US15.06

    That is obviously still 3x the price of having the convenience of walking into the store, but there is an economy of scale. Ordering 5 sets and the individual price drops to $US8.53 including postage. 10 sets and it gets to $7.65

    Once you start getting to 10 and above, priority shipping becomes increasingly economic – 10 sets delivered in 1-2 weeks is now $9.25 ea

    Now obviously, you are unlikely to want 5 sets, 10 sets etc, but if you were part of a club, or had a couple of woodworking mates, 2 sets each would be not an unreasonable collection of these “Bench Cookie Cones” and like anything else ordered overseas, combining postage is always going to be more economic.

    • Right now we are limited in the shipping options we are able to offer due to system and carrier limitations. If it helps, here is a promotion code that will remove the standard shipping and handling charges (you will still have to pay the international portion): V1956.

      This code will expire in a couple weeks, but if you subscribe to the email newsletter on our site, we do run free shipping promotions (or other discounts) on a regular basis.

      Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

      Scott Ekman

  5. Thanks everyone… That certainly answered all my questions…..
    As an aside … my last two purchases from the US were just over the US$1200.00 mark.

  6. Are there any affiliate company’s in Sydney Australia where Rockler products can be purchased

    Tim Murphy

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