Being a kiwi, it was particularly disturbing to hear and see the devastation that has once again impacted New Zealand’s South Island.  Since the quake late last year there have been 4000 odd aftershocks, but this one, although not as large as the first one, was within 10km of the Christchurch city centre, and only 5km below the surface.

With all the recent events (floodings, fires, cyclones and earthquakes), the Australasian region has yet another disaster to deal with, and Christchurch hadn’t recovered from the last one before the latest “kick-in-the-guts”

Hopefully the registered “living work of art”, internationally famous and local celebrity the “Wizard of Christchurch” who traded spells with Gandalf not long ago is ok, (although has been spending time more recently in Oamaru).

So once again, almost without a chance to pause to take a breath, we stop to consider those unwillingly caught up in the latest disaster.

3 Responses

  1. I also was awake during the night here Stu although I do not have relatives in ChCh. I still worry about the impact that it has.

  2. My daughter, her partner and my grandson all live in CC but fortunately are all unharmed…We plan to fly in on Friday..

  3. You have to feel for the poor old Kiwi’s twice in 6 months. The picture of the Church in Christchurch brings back some memories of a brief visit there about 21/2 years ago. A very pretty city.

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