120 Days and Counting

The word is out (well actually the word is only out because you’ve just read it here first!)

The Pro Jawhorse (which will be known in Australia as the Worx Pro JawHorse) will be here in around 120 days!  The order has been placed, the boat has sailed (or soon will), and this machine that I’ve had in my workshop since 13 Jan 09 (he he he) will be on the shelves in 3 months.

To remind you, this is the machine we are talking about (in this case with the US branding)

US Branded version

Australian Version (?)

And alongside the Chinese manufactured version of the SuperJaws (all designed by the same Australian (once Triton) engineers)

Genetically modified

So not long now – you will soon be able to have one of these beasts in your own shed, with the large jaws, huge opening capacity, tonne of clamping pressure, rodent killing, child rearing, money making, cattle rustling (ok, ok)  It is a cool tool 🙂

The price is still to be finalised, but you will get change out of $230.  Whether that is $1 or $31 or somewhere in between is yet to be worked out, but it is that ballpark.  Now you will be able to stop being envious of mine and have one for yourself!

10 Responses

  1. Who would want a Jawhorse, hoping for change out of $230?

    Carba-Tec have the Triton SuperJaws and you can get change out of $130 for one of them during February, Normally, you can get change out of $170 for the Superjaws when not on sale.

    The Jawhorse would want to have something extra special to justify the extra cost.


    • Read my reviews and you’ll be able to answer your own question.

      I have no problem at all with the price difference given the difference in build strength, size, mechanism function etc between the Chinese version of the SuperJaws (as opposed to the Australian version), and the pro version of the JawHorse. I’ve had them all, and what I’ve kept represents what I believe are the best, and that is a Worx Pro JawHorse and 2 Australian made SuperJaws.

      If you really want change, why not get the Ozito from Bunnings?

  2. Well, actually, the Ozito is about $10 more expensive than the current sale price of the Triton SuperJaws.

    Thanks for your response. I have just watched your video review and I have to confess that, as a mug amateur, I am still struggling to tell the difference in functionality between the Jawhorse and the Superjaws. They both seem pretty good and exactly the same in functionality except for the optional plywood holding capacity of the Jawhorse. (It does seem to me that simple sawhorses offer a simpler more versatile way of holding plywood though. The problem with cutting plywood is the ungainly process of lifting it into the horizontal position to cut it and then supporting the offcut. The Jawhorse plywood holding facility will not help in either of those matters.)

    Can you comment, even if only in dot point form, please? There is a $100 or 77% difference in the sale price of the Triton versus the price that you have suggested may be that of the Jawhorse. There would want to be some very non-cosmetic differences for the extra $.

    I should add that I have just bought one of the Triton Superjaws from the Carba-Tec sale and am wondering what I am missing out on by so doing.

    • Well don’t get me wrong, if you only had one choice, the current SuperJaws is still a fine addition to the workshop. The SuperJaws, and the JawHorse were designed by the same people – so the Worx Pro JawHorse is where Triton would have gone if they had continued development.

      The Rockwell JawHorse is (in Australia) the budget conscious version, and is on par with the SuperJaws. The Worx Pro version is a heavier, more robust version, with a significantly larger jaw set, and everything beefed up accordingly. (That is the cover plate from a Triton SuperJaws inside the jaw of the JawHorse)


      Look at the photo, and see just how much of a size difference there is between the two machines. That is where a lot of the cost difference is – the extra strength required to cope with such a jaw.

      There are some other differences as well – a very basic knob you twist to lock the front legs vs a refined spring-loaded leg lock.


      Improved ratchet mechanism, storage positions of the legs, etc etc

  3. Thanks Stuart.

    Best wishes ….

  4. Regardless of brand, i still wish our Triton gear was made, designed, in Australia. Looking at the two Jawhorses, and considering the huge price difference, IMO there is no justification for the large discrepancy in price, however, if the Rockwell horse is manufactured and made in the US, i would pay the difference, things made in china tend to have a limited lifespan.

  5. If you wait about 180 days before you buy, you’ll probably get it for under $200. Rockwell’s initial product offering is typically high for the first 60 days and then reduces the cost to dealers with volume buys 🙂

  6. For some weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for any version of this item. The only one I can find in the Geelong area is the Rockwell Jawhorse, and the prices I have been quoted range from $170 to $199. The Superjaws at Carbatec seems a real bargain at $129, and it is tough enough for any of the work that I would use it for. I’ll certainly buy one before the end of February!

  7. I am really keen on this product; please advise where it will be available.
    regards – P

  8. I priced a Jawhorse on Amazon today including shipping for $234. If the ausie dollar remains high hopefully the local price will be better than this. I am a bit of a Triton fan but Stu’s revue on the Rockwell (Worx Pro) has had me wanting one for some time now. I imagine the one we are getting will be the awful Worx Pro green!

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