Bandsaw Down!

It is 9:30pm, dark, and still the mercury is holding high – a typical Australian evening after a 40 degree day (104F).  Then it occurred to me that I hadn’t moved the Jet bandsaw into the lower shed, and I really didn’t want to leave it sitting outside all week.

Weighing in at around 86kg and having to be moved down a 20 degree slope, and over dirt (covered with thin ply for the move), I guess the next was inevitable.

It was surprisingly quiet when it landed (or perhaps not so surprising – that sort of weight thuds rather than crashes), downhill (of course).  So with the mozzies lavishing over the free banquet on offer, with rather restricted access, I had to untangle the unit from the now destroyed plastic box and galv steel shelving unit it had landed on, spin it around then right it.

All in all, not too hard an evolution (could have been a bit easier though!) Got it into the lower shed which I had cleared a bit today to make room (thus the new round of eBay offerings) (other than the surprise in one corner – I’ll deal with that later – a certain odor had been detected a month or so earlier, and the result now is….nasty) then inspected for any damage.  Unsurprisingly, there was none – something to be said for large, solid, cast iron machines.  I’ll have to tweak the upper guides that rotated slightly, but that was it.  Move completed.

“All of these things are just like the others, all of these things are exactly the same”

So just what does a Triton Spin Saw, Triton 8″ Bandsaw, Minolta Camera Lens, Camera Bag, Triton Wetstone Sharpener, GMC SCMS, Triton 15″” Thicknesser Moulding Blades, Camera Filters all have in common? (And this list is by no means complete).

They are all being listed today and over the next few days, and potentially week or two by me on eBay, all starting at 99c.

So far there is a camera bag, Triton thicknesser impeller, Triton Biscuit Barrel, and soon (tonight) a couple of Triton 15″ Thicknesser Moulding blades (I have a dozen or so different profiles, but will only sell the majority if these first two sell for a reasonable price).

Check out the sales here

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Much more to come (big and small!)


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