Room to Move

Starting to make real progress on getting the shed in order, particularly after the replacement of the old cupboards with the repurposed entertainment unit, but also slowly getting the place back to being shipshape after the overall shed upgrade a couple of years or so ago (nothing happens quickly around here!)

I still can’t work out a good (as opposed to a compromised) location for about 4 benchtop tools – the scrollsaw, steel cutter, spindle sander and belt & disk sander. To continue to make room, some more items have lost their standing to the point they can no longer occupy space in the main shed, and are shifting to storage.

This includes a tool chest as well as the Jet 14″ bandsaw (having been upstaged by the 17″ Carbatec bandsaw now in its spot).  I originally did keep the Jet in the workshop to be a second bandsaw, fitted with a finer blade, but have found it is not getting sufficient use to justify its ongoing presence.


There is nothing wrong with this bandsaw mind, I am still a definite fan. I have no plans to sell it either – keep it in hopes that one day I might have a shed big enough for both, or that I can clean up the lower shed enough that the tools moved out there can be used when needed, and not just stored.

A lot of rubbish (and items now determined to be rubbish) have also been removed, including some of those plastic tool boxes.  The molded plastic boxes may look ok for presenting the items for sale, but tend to be pretty useless in keeping the tool afterwards.  There are some exceptions to this generalisation though.  The systainer system that Festool have bought into is one example, and I am quite impressed with the Dremel Multi-Max box as well.  Most others however, make better landfill (although hopefully are recyclable!)  Either way, they are a waste of space, especially in a space-challenged shop.

Off to storage

Tomorrow they will get shifted the final few metres, but other than that, I doubt much else will happen on a day forecast for 40C.  Something else (as seen in the background) is likely to see more work tomorrow!  Just had a thought – hope I never get a split in the pool on the shed side – that would produce quite a torrent of water where it would NOT be welcome!

Still need to do shed insulating for days such as is expected.  The refrigerated air con unit is a bit of a disappointment – it was free, but also appears that it does not work – I suspect it has lost its gas.  At the moment it only acts as a somewhat ineffective fan.  Given there is no warranty etc, I now have to find out how and where to get it checked, and hopefully fixed without it being too expensive. (Any suggestions? Someone willing to do the job onsite would be preferable!)

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