Outrigger support for Torque Arm

It certainly wasn’t planned, but by fortunate coincidence, the position of my fixed arm mod on the Torque Workcentre allowed the standard outrigger support to be used, with the support bar secured where the optional extension table is normally located.

Outrigger support

About the only difference is I had to turn the support arm upside down, which makes no difference to the functionality (and most would have missed even that).  With the additional support, the arm becomes completely rigid, even with the weight of the 2400W Triton saw.  I’ve fitted knobs instead of hex bolts, so dropping the outrigger support is tool-less, if it is ever necessary to do so.

It may not be the ideal replacement for a SCMS, but again it goes to show that even though the Torque Workcentre has a large shop footprint, in a space-challenged workshop such as mine, putting in a Torque can replace a number of other tools to the point that it creates a lot of the space that it needs.  Add in the significant increase in overall functionality it adds to any workshop, and the space it occupies becomes easy to justify.

I have no doubt that at some stage in the future, I will put a Festool Kapex in the workshop (I have no idea WHERE!!), but in the meantime I am very happy with the crosscutting capability of the TWC, especially with the dedicated arm.  I can definitely see the advantage of the Hitachi saw mount for the TWC – hope to be able to fit that to this machine at some stage and replace the Triton.

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