A Place for Everything

And everything in its place…

Well, that is the idea, but without the former, the latter is nothing more than a pipe dream.  Despite the presence of Australia Day, I only managed to get out to the shed around 10pm, so there was little option but to either sharpen or organise/tidy.  Decided to tidy a bit, but even my best Cartman “You will respect my authoritah”, I only managed a mediocre compliance from the mess out there.

Started with the Torque Workcentre – from recent experiences with the new (fixed) second arm I had put on there (custom upgrade), decided I really needed the extra depth-of-cut that I could get with the 2400W Triton on there, rather than the 1800W.  I also added extra bar support to the end of the rail, really locking everything up solid (yet still removable with a simple twist of a knob)  Adjusted the blade to vertical, within 0.1 degrees using a Wixey Digital Angle Gauge.

The rest of the tidy-up involves slowly trying to find a place for everything.

Oh – one other thing worth mentioning.  I have a loan of a cordless Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool for an article I am writing for a new magazine.

It is pretty new to the market at a whole, and brand new to the Australian market.  From the moment I opened the box (still wrapped 🙂 ), I knew this was a tool with a difference (although not a surprise given the Dremel brand).  This is definitely one worth keeping an eye on.

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