Monitoring Air Quality

As a general rule, woodworkers judge the quality of air by how light reflects off the dust in the air and gets to a point that they determine they need to wear breathing protection.

Interestingly, King Gee have bought out some workgear that has a dust mask built right in, for tradies that are about to do a job and remember their breathing protection is back in the truck.  Better than holding one’s breath, or trying to breathe into a sleeve or similar! Called the Dustee Polo

King Gee Dustee

However, what I am interested in is quantifying the amount of dust in the air, even to the point of having a warning sound if the dust levels are too high for non-protected work.

The Dylos is one example of a machine that can do just that.

Some models can output to the computer (by a very old connection type). Cost is around $US200 for a basic model.  Sounds like one of those things workshops could really do with if importers found a good source of the air sensors at a good price!

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