Final Chance for Woodwork Machines

I’ve submitted the various machine offers received (online and offline) through to see whether they are acceptable – for those that have made the offers you should have an answer in a day or two.

The following machines are still available to offer on:

Tool 4: Shopsmith:  It’s a tablesaw, a bit of a lathe, a shaper, and a drill press (the entire thing rotates on one end to stand up).  Comes with the original manual and associated documentation. Wouldn’t take much of an offer to secure this one fwiw.

Tool 5: a 6″ jointer.  The fence adjustment is excellent – a rack and pinion – shame more modern ones done come with this feature!

This is a working jointer – if you don’t have one in your workshop at the moment, it is an opportunity to get one at a good price.

Tool 6: Something modern: a brand new, unused Rockwell combo planer/thicknesser.

The machine is brand new, a good size/weight/function for a small shop. Offers over $100 considered.

Tool 7: Bit of a monster of a rip saw.  Looks to be a 12″ blade.

I’m still impressed with this machine – the size and weight of the castings, if I had a bigger shop I’d be tempted just to have a vintage machine like this!  Wish more current machines were build to the modern equivalent (although then we’d never be able to afford them!)  This would be affordable – for an offer.

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