Far Out! – The Making of a Jarvi One-Piece Bench

Thanks to Terry and Ideal Tools for uncovering this You Tube video – mesmerising from start to finish

Open Letter from Australian Wood Review



January 17, 2011

Dear Woodworkers,

With floods spreading from Queensland down through NSW and now Victoria it seems there’s no end to the current devastation. And that’s not to forget bushfire affected communities in the West. Some of you must have been affected, and if not you probably know those who have.

One of our contributing editors, Richard Vaughan, has just had about 4 metres of the Brisbane River through his workshop and I’ve been out there this weekend so I know what that means. Our other writers in Brisbane and Toowoomba are okay.

Richard’s ‘shed’ is in an industrial area that now has streets lined also metres high with ruined stock, fittings, furniture, plaster walls and you-name-it thrown out for council collection. The throwing out part is easier than the cleaning up and fixing bit though. The dollar cost is huge.

Queensland’s volunteer response has been unbelievable, I’ve heard numbers from 20,000 to 50,000. On the weekend there were literally mobs of sun-hatted people armed with brooms, shovels and back packs trouping around offering help. But I’ve been wondering if that’s mainly for the residential areas, which is absolutely wonderful of course.

Woodworkers’ sheds are not a good place for water to inundate and pool. Every machine, hand tool, power tool, clamp, nut, bolt and screw is likely to be fouled by rust and damp.

The reason for this long letter is to suggest that if you as an individual or as a member of a club have the time and means to check up on woodworking businesses local to you there may be a way you can physically help out. As a woodworker you would have a specific understanding of tools and machines.

Anyway, just a thought,

Linda Nathan
AWR Editor

PS: There’s a list of woodworking clubs on our website here if you want to network with them.

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